Belvedere Custom Homes


Belvedere Custom Homes was formed specifically to develop and build exceptional quality homes for discerning clients who seek the best in design and function, quality of materials and workmanship. Started by the Da Costa family, who through last two decades have continued to oversee and grow the company, Belvedere Custom Homes has delivered high end quality homes to our clients in the Surrey, London, Buckinghamshire, Sussex and Berkshire areas. Whether it be additions to an existing family home, refurbishment of a newly purchased property or a complete design and build from the ground up Belvedere Custom Homes delivers a consistently high product with an emphasis on working alongside our clients to keep them informed and give our expert advice throughout the process from start to finish. Never happy with repeating the same product more than once Belvedere Custom Homes has provided unique properties for all its clients giving each of them their own one of a kind home. From environmentally friendly driven projects to the ultra-modern open spaces and everything in between we have the experience to deliver what the client desires. If you are starting the journey of creating your own home, whether it be for commercial sale or for self-occupation, we welcome the chance to work with you and provide our guidance and expertise throughout the process from start to finish.
Building 1, Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

Locations covered: Midlands United Kingdom

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