Boodle Hatfield


Boodle Hatfield LLP is a highly successful law firm which has been in business since 1722. We act for wealthy individuals, families, property owners and businesses in the United Kingdom and internationally. Our offices are in London Mayfair, London Bankside and Oxford.

The firm began when our founder, Robert Andrews, worked for the Grosvenor family in the county of Cheshire in 1722 and soon followed them to London to advise them on the development and management of their London estates. Boodle Hatfield continued to advise the Grosvenor family in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries on the development of the Mayfair and Belgravia estates which saw them transform from countryside to the elegant streets and squares we see today. The firm is still proud to advise the Grosvenor Estate to this day.

Key People at Boodle Hatfield

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6 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 4PZ, UK

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