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Built-ID showcases the built environment projects of today and transforms community engagement to better shape the projects of tomorrow.

Effective consultation with the wider community is integral to a successful development, however this process is often skewed by the views of a vocal minority group who have more time and resources to feedback on prospective projects. There is a lack information and motivation amongst the silent majority, which Built-ID seeks to address. Through an interactive, dynamic platform, Built-ID empowers local people to feel a sense of ownership and positive investment in a development scheme. The tool is designed to attract engagement with a diverse range of the community. This includes targeting younger generations, busy parents, people with disabilities and minorities through visually stimulating, gamified tools which offer convenient times to engage, accessibility tools and information displayed in a variety of language options. Points earned engaging and sharing the platform will translate into money for a selection of charities chosen by the developer or council. This means developers can invest in a community, not just their bricks and mortar.

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Locations covered: London United Kingdom

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