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Quite simply, we take the hassle out of finding your next home. Instead of trekking up and down the country to visit unsuitable properties that looked great on paper, our expert property finders can view potential properties for you, with a full report, photographs or video so you can see all the details you need without having to travel until you know it’s really worth it. They have excellent contacts, which often means that you get access to discreetly positioned ‘off-market’ properties that would otherwise change hands quietly without your knowledge.

We tailor our packages to you and your needs, offering a full property report, photos, videos and local market intelligence. We’ll guide you on the most sensible and realistic offer, and handle those sensitive negotiations for you to ensure you get your dream home for the best price.
Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7HT, UK

Locations covered: United Kingdom

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