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Goldschmidt & Howland was established way back in the 19th century and for a company with such a long history, our attitudes are surprisingly modern. What remains constant is our faith in people. Our premise is that if you treat people with respect and work hard for them, they will reward you with their custom again and again.

Always professional
We take our role as a professional services firm very seriously and never forget that you are the client. We undergo thorough training and apply tough rules and standards throughout our company.

Information when you want it
We give you comprehensive feedback after every viewing or meeting and we don't bombard you with useless information when there is nothing to report. Should you wish to speak with one of our directors at any time, you can. Most importantly, your contact will always be an experienced professional.

Details matter
We are methodical. Our figures are based on real data – we think numbers backed by facts are more useful than numbers picked out of the air. We relish the finer points and know that understanding these fully makes us better equipped to help you. We work with you to prepare superior details and photographs.

We can all make a good sales pitch, but no amount of chest beating can equal a recommendation from a satisfied customer. If you would like to talk to people we have worked with, in the past six months, just let us know.

We go beyond compliance
We believe existing industry rules don't go far enough yet. Since 1888, despite the lack of regulations in sales, we have been setting high standards, installing strict rules on money-laundering, property misdescription and methods of internal regulation. Of course we are just as diligent in lettings. As members of ARLA and NALS we abide by their stringent code of conduct, reassuring you of best practice at all times.

It's not just a postcode
When dealing with property, having real local knowledge is essential. This means knowing the feel of an area, the people who live there and those little gems you can only find out about from being part of the community or working there. We appreciate how important this is to ensure that we find the right people or property for you.

One size doesn't fit all
A person's property is often a reflection of their personality, so we fully understand how important it is to treat everyone individually. We listen to your needs and ask the right questions, tailoring our solutions to fit your requirements.

Clarity through chaos
The property market is changing. Fast. Our in-depth knowledge of the market helps us provide clarity to an otherwise confusing subject matter. We aim to provide as straightforward and transparent a service as possible, outlining our process clearly and keeping you in the picture at all times.

A partnership that works
This shouldn't be just a one off. We'd like to think of it as the beginning of a fruitful working relationship. Many of our customers are people who have been with us for quite some time and we work hard to keep it this way. We hope you will let us do the same for you.

We think you'll like working with us. We have thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy our refreshingly honest and caring approach. Hopefully this could be the start of a rewarding relationship for both of us.

How it should be

Key People at Goldschmidt & Howland

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