We are a leading law firm and here at Hewitsons it's actually all about you and not about us. To ensure Absolute Client Focus, we have taken steps to enhance your experience from the moment you make contact with us.

For example, our client care service system involves partners who will make it their business to become well acquainted with you and your objectives, whether as an individual or representative of a business or institution. Those allocated to you will oversee matters you bring to us and draw on the expertise needed to ensure for you the best possible results.

As an ambitious law firm with a long-established practice, we have a diverse structure with many specialisms, but this will not affect the clarity, promptness and straightforwardness of our response which we know is what clients expect.

We like to get to know our clients because it makes for better relationships and results, and we have developed client sector groups for the purpose of focusing on particular parts of the economy, to better tailor the delivery of our services.

Absolute Client Focus also means we will put a friendly, approachable face on a serious and sizeable operation which has national and international scope. The service you receive from us in Cambridge, London, Milton Keynes and Northampton can extend globally thanks to the reach of LawExchange International, our network of independent law firms. The network covers 29 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Asia/Pacific region and the Middle East.

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