J3 Advisory


J3 Advisory enables regional developers, SMEs and property professionals across the country to make better decisions, faster when it comes to latent defects insurance and structured property finance. Having spent more than twenty years working between both insurance and finance markets, J3’s leadership team witnessed first-hand how these two disciplines, which should interlink, are instead fragmented and disconnected. The net result of this fragmentation has always been a loss of time, with delays in both insurance and funding as neither side communicates effectively with the other. When it comes to property development, insurance and funding are paramount: Having an advisor with an intimate knowledge, both of these markets and the client’s objectives is a key piece of the development jigsaw. Our mission is to fuse the insurance and debt advisory markets by delivering pragmatic and unconflicted advice. This results in time saved and a positive impact on the client’s bottom line. Our services include: Structural Warranty Insurance • New Home Warranties • Conversion Warranty • Social Housing Warranty • Commercial Latent Defects • Retrospective Warranty • Receivership Warranty • Self-Build Warranty Structured Property Finance • Bridging Finance • Development Finance • Care & Nursing Home Finance Surety Bonds & Guarantees • Performance Bonds • Road & Sewer Bonds • Insurance Backed Guarantees
57-59 Beak St, Soho, London W1F 9SJ

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