We are a distinctive London-based law firm, focused on our clients and on delivering excellence in the international legal market.

We understand that because the world in which our clients operate is complicated, unpredictable and pressured, you need clear, concise advice that is attuned to your needs.  That takes experience, so our partners get involved and stay involved. With the support of tight-knit teams, they advise on your most critical matters with clarity and confidence.

That leads to great ideas, stronger relationships and greater efficiency. It's a quality of experience that distinguishes us from our larger competitors, but only enhances our reputation for solving our clients' most complex legal issues.

We've made a deliberate choice to remain smaller than many of our peers. The tight-knit, cohesive nature of our firm means you benefit from our collective experience. We talk to one another.  We’ve kept things simple. We’ve decided against growth at the expense of quality, against size at the expense of efficiency and agility.

So whilst we’re large enough to advise on your most complex matters, we’re also small enough to ensure that our people and our work are exceptional, without fail.

You will have issues and needs that are unique. These differences, be they commercial imperatives or personal pressures, will always be high in our minds: we have a collective sense of responsibility towards the people, not just the institutions we serve.

Internationally you want the best advice from the best lawyer - irrespective of the jurisdiction they are working in, or where they are based.  You also want it integrated and interpreted for you. Our independent approach gives you just that, wherever you are.

Whether you need advice on corporate and commercial matters or on your private affairs either in the UK or overseas please contact us. We would be pleased to hear from you.
20 Cursitor St, London EC4A 1LT, UK

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