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Martin Kemp Design is a highly creative design studio, producing some of the world’s finest solutions for interiors, developments, architecture, yachts, private jets, cars, furniture and product. Our focus is largely within the super-prime residential market but also embraces fields such as high-end retail, office and restaurant design.

The company is known as a luxury brand attracting individuals accustomed to luxury service or seeking an aspirational lifestyle. The studio has no fixed design style, rather Clients choose MKD for our ability to embrace ‘their’ chosen language whether minimalist or highly decorative, classic or futuristic. In all cases, Clients expect an extremely high level of sophistication and finish.

MKD are revered as one of the leaders of style and originality, with our skills in demand amongst the world’s elite. Our bespoke solutions can range from understated country elegance to dynamic city chic, showcasing the very best in creativity with a diverse range of styling blending seamlessly into every design. Such original thinking is further enhanced through intricate attention to detail, married with fine craftsmanship sourced both locally and internationally.

We strive to maintain an approachable personality as a business, our philosophy always to be respectful, polite, flexible and accommodating, with conviction in our design solutions. We enjoy the design experience and encourage our Clients to do the same, working closely with them as much or as little as desired.

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