Founded in 2016, Real Estate Design & Development - REDD - is a privately-owned real estate company, with operations in Monaco and London. REDD is focused on the investment, development and management of prime property in world class locations. REDD provides a holistic approach to property across its disciplines, with quality of product and customer satisfaction at its core. Its services range from initial site finding, managing the development process, exit strategies, as well as on-going portfolio and property management. This strategy, together with world class property, delivers investors and clients maximum returns on their investments.

REDD invests in its own developments, as well as partnering with others. It also acts independently for outside investors and private clients on their own projects. REDD’s combination of providing development and property management creates an intelligent and coordinated position to facilitate all of the property needs of its investors and clients.

Key People at REDD

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Heddon St, Mayfair, London W1B 4BD, UK

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