RER London


RER LONDON is a new property development and investment company founded in 2009. The business is led by Tim Farrow and Martin Simms, two highly experienced individuals who have extensive expertise across the industry.

Benefiting from access to funding and considerable resources to purchase sites, unconditionally if required, or partner with Joint Venture land owners and investors, RER LONDON are specialists in acquiring, planning, managing and delivering the most effective and valuable solutions for residential and commercial property schemes in London and the South of England.

In a relatively short history, RER LONDON has successfully acquired, gained planning and innovatively developed properties within Mayfair, Westminster, Lambeth and Docklands achieving optimised returns on investment for all parties. Pipeline development projects are forecast to be worth £1.5 billion.

Key People at RER London

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James House, One Babmaes Street St James's, London SW1Y 6HF

Locations covered: London United Kingdom

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