Tenn Capital


Tenn Capital specialises in offering high-value bridging loans to individuals with complex or time sensitive requirements. Operating exclusively in this area of the market, we provide loans for almost any scenario. From equity release to refinancing, buying an unmortgageable property, using extremely high-value assets as security or cross-border transactions, we can help. Tenn Capital is a first port of call for significant and complex bridging finance. Our team has unrivalled international experience in the international property, credit, structuring and advisory sectors. As a result, our credit team know how challenging it is for borrowers with “non-standard” situations to secure bridging loans from mainstream lenders. We founded Tenn Capital in 2021 to give this distinctive group of individuals easier and faster access to bridging finance. Our ambition is to help borrowers unlock capital and pursue opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.
Bucktrout House, Glategny Esplanade, Guernsey GY1 1WR, Guernsey

Locations covered: United Kingdom

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