Thackeray Estates


Led by Brett Palos and Antony Alberti, Thackeray Estates is a privately owned property investment and development company based in London. Thackeray Estates was originally established in the 1960’s. In 2012 the company was acquired by Brett Palos and Antony Alberti and transformed into an asset management and development business. Thackeray Estates now has a team of 30 staff and includes a construction business and the use of luxury interior design house Argent Design for specification, layout and interiors.

Brett Palos is a highly successful property investor and venture capitalist who has been involved in the purchase of over£1 billion of commercial and residential assets over the past five years. His investment vehicle is known as Brett Palos Investments. Antony Alberti owned Alberti Holdings between 2004-2009 undertaking mixed-use projects in Chelsea Battersea and Clapham, acquiring buildings and generating revenue through skilful asset management.

From 2009 onwards Brett and Antony undertook joint venture projects, developing a significant holding of prime residential and commercial investments in London. During 2012, Brett and Antony jointly acquired Thackeray Estates from its founding family and this business provides them with a powerful base for the acquisition and optimisation of further assets. Some assets are traded, others optimised and sold and selected projects taken directly to market working in conjunction with Argent Design.
London, United Kingdom

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