Universal Design Studio


Universal Design Studio is an award-winning architecture and interior design practice based in London. Driven by a deeply held belief in the transformative power of well designed, finely crafted spaces, it creates boutique hotels and restaurants, retail environments, workspaces, galleries and cultural institutions all over the world.

Underpinned by a rigorous research and development process and inspired by the creativity that comes from the close collaboration of a diverse group of designers and architects with their clients, the studio employs a bespoke approach for every project, resulting in better spaces, better experiences and better cities.

Universal Design Studio was founded in 2001 by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in response to the growing demand for their distinctive design aesthetic and clever use of material details in architectural and interior design contexts. The studio is co-directed by Hannah Carter Owers, Jason Holley and Paul Gulati.

Latest awards

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